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Shirts for Sharity



Shirts for Sharity is a Proper Printshop project that matches great Designers with local Nonprofits to create a cool, new t-shirt design each month. The shirts will be sold to raise money for the selected organization. From the $20 price tag, $15 goes directly to the chosen Nonprofit. A new Nonprofit will be selected every month.

Artwork Guidelines:

Designers will work with the selected Nonprofit to develop an original single color design. Our aim is to create a shirt that has appeal to a broad audience and to ensure that we raise as much money as possible.

A good example of the design style we're going for can be found at

Organizational Guidelines:

Shirts for Sharity recipients are qualified nonprofit organizations in the Greater El Paso Area with a tax exempt status of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or equivalent status, and organized and operated for charitable, educational or religious purposes.



Artist Expectations: 

    • Work directly with the Nonprofit to develop an original, super cool design, that reflects the mission statement and purpose of that Nonprofit.
    • All artwork and design time will be donated to the chosen Nonprofit.
    • Provide vector artwork to Proper Printshop at least 2 weeks before the Nonprofit’s selected month.

Nonprofit Expectations:

    • Work with the Designer to communicate the mission and purpose of the organization.
    • Grant the Artist an in-kind contribution for their time and work.
    • Promote and advertise the final t-shirt design on all their social media channels to help increase sales and to raise as much money as possible.